February 10, 2015

In world premiere, "The Amanuensis" brings controversial composer back to life

The Amanuensis, the new play by Bryan Colley that received its world-premiere reading at MDC last night, tells the true story of the composer Frederick Delius and the young musician who helped him overcome blindness and paralysis in his last years to compose once again. Yet as rendered by Colley, the story took on a dramatic life of its own, according to the dozens who gathered to experience it and share their thoughts in the talkback that followed.

As ever, MDC is grateful to the patrons who took part and the artists who gave of their talents--director Tara Varney and her four actors, each of whom came through with an impressive performance: Michael Golliher, Bob Allen, Nancy Marcy, and Jason Miller.

Michael Golliher and Bob Allen.

An impressive turnout for an impressive new play.

Tara Varney, Jason Miller, Nancy Marcy, Michael Golliher, and Bob Allen.