MDC Playwright: Joshua Efron

Joshua Efron is a theater and film artist living in the Kansas City area.   According to his niece he is really funny, and likes to write.  Upon then asking his niece and nephew to write this entire bio for him, his Nephew commiserated with the horror and challenge of such a task and asked, "Will you give me $5 for this? Or maybe one dollar?"  His niece gutsily counter-offered that she would be willing to write it for 12. Joshua feels very proud of them both.

When Joshua is not tricking audiences into drinking deeply of their loves, hopes, fears, and dreams in the forms of raging gods, rabid rabbits, and murderous fetuses, he's swinging wildly the scalpel-taped-to-a-hammer of his political satire.  He strives to work to be one of the million drops of influence needed to transform the world into one where sharing the stories in his brain is no longer required.