July 10, 2015

Fringe Preview: "Alphabet Soup," featuring "Ace of Leaves" by Nick Sawin

All week, we’ll be previewing the shows by MDC writers that will be featured in the upcoming Kansas City Fringe Festival, July 16-26. Click here for a complete schedule of Fringe shows by MDC playwrights (and staff!).

By Kevin King, Cynthia Hardeman, Nick Sawin, and Raphael Isabella Tate

This hour of theater by playwrights from Kansas City's LGBTQIA community includes Ace of Leaves, a new play by MDC’s Nick Sawin in which a man comes out to his boyfriend—as asexual.

“Stories of asexuality often go untold and aren't given the same weight in LGBTQIA circles as other narratives,” Sawin explains. “Ace of Leaves developed as a way of telling one such story, a man's coming to terms with his identity and his disclosure of this discovery to his boyfriend. It's about coming out for the second time and facing a partner's sense of betrayal and confusion, with a strong vein of humor and verbal sparring. I wrote this play because I don't think “A” should remain a silent letter in the LGBTQIA family.”

Performances of Alphabet Soup, including Ace of Leaves, will take place at Union Station’s City Stage (30 West Pershing) at the following times:

7/17- Friday- 9:00 pm
7/19- Sunday- 4:30 pm
7/22- Wednesday- 9:00 pm
7-24- Friday- 6:00 pm
7/25- Saturday- 7:30 pm

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