October 28, 2018

Kevin King's "The Hyena Experience" Reading Nov. 12

The Hyena Experience is an unflinching look at two men’s inter-generational relationship. Tony, in his 40’s, unexpectedly finds himself dating Joey, a 22-year-old (“he’s just a puppy”), who he met at a bar. During the relationship, a Netflix and chill session leads to uncomfortable conversations about their sexual histories; sex roles are challenged; promises are broken; and Tony teaches Joey how to iron. Tony confides in Mara, his best friend, over martinis. Joey gets high with his roommate, Eric. In another unlikely pairing, Mara, a doctoral student, and Eric, a barista, bond in the coffee shop where Eric works, never realizing their friends are dating. Each lead actor plays the best friend of the other. The dual casting results in an intimate Rashomon effect.

The reading stars Austin Taylor Smith and Vincent Wagner and is directed by Phil Kinen.

7:00pm Monday, November 12 at the Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania. Admission is free. Donations are encouraged.