June 7, 2019

Emily Swenson "Cam Girl" Reading Jun 17

Join us for our next Monday Night Reading at 7pm Monday, June 17, at the Second Presbyterian Church, 318 E 55th Street in Brookside.

From her central Florida bedroom, Kelsey sheds her clothes and fulfills fantasies for men around the world. On camera she has no boundaries, but in reality she is incapable of leaving her apartment. Cam Girl boldly exposes the lives of three women working in the sex industry and the bond they share. And all the characters are queer!

Written by Emily Swenson

Directed by Laura Jacobs

Cast: Elise Poehling, Alisa Lynn, Sarah McGuire, Ahafia Jurkiewicz-Miles

Stage directions: Emma Carter


MDC Monday Night Readings are held the 3rd Monday of each month and feature developmental work by MDC playwrights, read by local actors. The scripts presented are in various stages of development, and YOU get to be part of the process. Enjoy a night of original, local theatre development and join the conversation.