March 5, 2020

Apply to Join MDC's 2020 Class of Resident Playwrights

The Midwest Dramatists Center is a collective designed to support playwrights on that difficult career stretch from “emerging” to “established,” and to amplify new voices in the American theatre. Residency is by application only, and its benefits are offered to selected playwrights at no cost for a five-year term. Membership has privileges, as well as responsibilities.

Application deadline is March 31, 2020 


Benefits afforded to resident playwrights include:
  • Public Readings: Giving the playwright the insight into his or her play that only comes with rehearsed presentation and audience feedback in a public forum
  • Family of Playwrights: Join a family of resident playwrights who can provide feedback, advice, and support for your writing. 
  • Annual Conference: Resident playwrights are guaranteed a spot in the annual Midwest Dramatists Conference.
Resident playwrights are expected to contribute to the life of the organization and the development of their fellow playwrights. This happens in three areas:
  • Center Stage: Each resident playwright will be required to write and present stage readings of one or two plays per year.
  • In the House: Each resident playwright will be required to attend at least six staged readings at MDC per year.
  • Behind the Scenes: Each resident playwright will be required to give back to the institution through service, whether that is serving as a writer’s representative to the board, participating in fundraising and promotional activities, or supporting the annual conference.
The Midwest Dramatists Center is open to emerging Kansas City-region playwrights who wish to develop their skills, plays and careers, and have demonstrated artistic and professional accomplishments, which should include at least some of the following: productions, workshops, or readings at professional theatres; film or television productions; or professional playwriting awards, grants, and fellowships.

Resident playwrights are chosen by a selection panel consisting of current MDC playwrights and board members. The literary manager coordinates the process, but does not directly influence the final decisions. Although professional accomplishment is very important, talent and potential are the main criteria.

The term for residency is five years. Terms begin and end on July 1.

Applications must include the following materials:
  • A completed application form.
  • Two full-length plays of any type. Screenplays and plays for young audiences do not qualify.
  • A brief resume or biography listing playwriting accomplishments and activities and any experience in related writing or theatrical fields. 
  • A letter of intent (one or two pages) describing what you hope to accomplish through MDC and how you will use your residency.
  • A letter of recommendation from a theatre or literary professional (who is not currently affiliated with MDC), written specifically for this application.
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Application deadline is March 31, 2020