February 22, 2015

Funny Money: New York's "Money Lab" festival to feature new satire by Dave Hanson

A new work by MDC playwright Dave Hanson will be featured in an economic-themed theatre festival to take place March 20-April 11 at HERE Arts Center in New York City. Produced by Untitled Theater Company #61, Money Lab's curators bill it as "an economic vaudeville, a multi-disciplinary experiment to discover whether economic ideas can be represented through performance. Every night is a new set of acts, set in a framework of economic games."

Hanson's piece is entitled Laffer's Last Laugh--"and yes," Hanson says, "it is a satirical look at the theories of Arthur Laffer, the man behind Governor Brownback's fiscal point of view in Kansas."

More information and the complete festival schedule are available on Money Lab's website.

Congratulations, Dave!