March 10, 2015

"Bird in the Hand" takes flight in rousing reading

Nowhere was safe at the Writers Place last night, as nearly every free space, upstairs and downstairs, became a scene in Bird in the Hand, a convention-defying theatrical experience created by playwright Dave Hanson, and brought to life through the efforts of the largest troupe of actors MDC has hosted yet. Add to that the dozens of patrons who turned out, and the result was rousing, even riotous--especially once the play was over, and a talkback broke out.

Hanson's script is actually three that unfold simultaneously, comprising a spy-thriller about government agents bent on recovering super-decryption software that could explode the world's secrets. Upon arriving, audience members had to choose one of four seating areas, from which they would witness and hear only parts of the overall story. In the discussion that followed, Hanson had the chance to query his quarry directly about what worked for them and what didn't, as he and director Erich McGrew prepare the show for the upcoming Kansas City Fringe Festival.

Thanks to all who made last night so much thrilling fun--in particular the actors and readers who lent so much of their time and talents: Kelli Morford, Melody Butler, Mike Ott, Frank Oakley III, Bonita Hanson, Anna Day, Joe DeMaria, Bob Allen, Audrey Lindsey, and Lindsay Adams.

Melody Butler and Bob Allen.

Dave Hanson watches along with some audience members who grabbed seats on the stairs.

Kelli Morford, Joe DeMaria, Audrey Lindsey, and Mike Ott.

Post-show, Dave solicits feedback from the capacity crowd.