April 17, 2015

Dave Hanson, Live from New York

MDC's own Dave Hanson had the opportunity to be in New York last weekend for the final performance of his new play, Laffer's Last Laugh, which wrapped up the economic-themed festival known as "Money Lab" at HERE Arts Center.

Upon his return, he reported in:

"There were four acts the day I was there. One was an opera of certain letters from Karl Marx to Frederick Engles asking for money, a German torch singer singing about wealth, a monologue from a guy who used to work at Deutche Bank and tried to work out a deal for the Lebanese Airport after it was bombed, and, of course, Laffer.
The big end of the evening was that my name was drawn from a hat as the artist to participate in a 'patronage auction.' Seriously. So the audience bid on the right to pay for an hour of my 'artist' time. It ended up being a crowd funded $116... So know I have to figure out the hour I will take my patronage for and then produce a report on what I did. Intense."

Intense indeed, Dave. But you're worth every penny. Congrats!