July 8, 2015

Fringe Preview: "Presidential Briefs" by Ry Kincaid

All week, we’ll be previewing the shows by MDC writers that will be featured in the upcoming Kansas City Fringe Festival, July 16-26. Click here for a complete schedule of Fringe shows by MDC playwrights (and staff!).

By Ry Kincaid

Presidential Briefs is an American history rock musical. MDC resident playwright (and composer and actor) Ry Kincaid plays a history teacher who gives a rundown on all 44 U.S. Presidents in 44 original songs performed in 50 minutes! Songs include “John Quincy Adams was Bald” and a rap about William Howard Taft (“You Can't Knock Down 340”). Hysterical and historical, Presidential Briefs is fun for those who know a little or a lot about the Commanders-in-Chief.

“I had a funny idea and took it seriously,” Kincaid explains. “It may at first sound like a show featuring songs about each President is meant for a limited audience—but I want to write plays that are worth me buying a ticket if I were an audience member.”

You can see Kincaid sing his way through presidential history at the Buffalo Room (817 Westport Road) at any of the following performances:

7/18 - Saturday - 6:30pm
7/20 - Monday - 8:00pm
7/23 - Thursday - 6:30pm
7/24 - Friday - 9:30pm

Purchase tickets HERE.