January 7, 2017

Dan Born's "Bang" and "The Pilot is the Storm" Reading January 9

Join us at 7:00pm on Monday, January 9 for a reading of Dan Born's Bang and The Pilot is the Storm.

Bang: Bang is a monologue delivered by Joan Vollmer immediately upon having been shot in the head by William Burroughs, her common law husband, in Mexico City in 1951. As she waits for the ambulance to arrive, she reflects on her relationship with the famous writer, on the passionate nucleus that launched the Beat movement, and on a murder in that close-knit group of artists, presaging her own death.

The Pilot is the Storm: Billy is the youngest cousin in a powerful political family, and until recently a well known television personality. Now he is even better known, but no longer on television. Not only that, but the guest whose disgraceful behavior got Billy fired is about to become the most powerful politician in America. Billy thinks a patronage job is in order. The politician invites him out to dinner to offer one.

Readings will be held at the Midwest Dramatists Center, 3607 Pennsylvania. Readings are free. Donations are encouraged.