September 5, 2017

Dan Born's "Set in Play" Reading Sep. 11

Join us for a reading of Dan Born's new work Set in Play at 7pm Monday, September 11, 2017 at the Midwest Dramatists Center, 3607 Pennsylvania (in the Writer's Place). The reading is free. Donations are encouraged.

Set in Play is about some playwrights. There are four of them. They aren't famous, or rich, or anywhere within shouting distance of being considered part of the conversation. Still, two of them remain, for some reason, fanatically dedicated to the art and the craft. A third playwright was once just as dedicated. Now he mostly goes out drinking with them. They call themselves the NAHs (Negro, Atheist, Homosexual) and have a drinking game to punctuate the acronym. The fourth is a problem child that crashes their workshop. He too has a story, and the process of finding it sets in play forces that change more than their acronym.