October 16, 2018

KC Horror Play Festival Features MDC Talent

Check out the Kansas City Horror Play Festival, featuring short plays by MDC writers Kevin King and Lavinia Roberts, directed by MDC's own Emma Carter.

Here's the details:

The Kansas City Horror Play Festival features twelve brand new and locally written spooktacular plays, signature cocktails, creepy decorations, costume contests and more! Split up over two days in a creepy, haunted theatre. You can come for individual nights or buy a two-day pass and save money!

NIGHT ONE ( Oct 18th & 20th) Starring Michael Madison, Ai Vy Bui, Alisa Lynn, Bonnie Griffin

Directed By Matt Rapport:
  • It Takes Two by Ron Simonian
  • Grandma’s Little Helpers by Michael Donnici
  • The Unreliable Historian by Elizabeth Kerlin
Directed by MDC writer Emma Carter:
  • AFK by MDC writer Kevin King
  • Route 84 House Fire by Jessie Salsbury
  • Eternal Flowers by MDC writer Lavinia Roberts
NIGHT TWO (Oct 19th & 21st) Starring Zachary York, Leah Wilczewski, Jake Golliher, Elizabeth Kerlin

Directed by Erika Lynnette Baker
  • Halfway Night at the Horror House by Derek Trautwein
  • The Sentience Test by Emily Hageman
  • Do You Know Billy Jackson by Joshua Woodall
Directed by Jesse Ray Metcalf
  • Best for Last by Cara Powers
  • Grandmother’s Ring by Matthew Weaver
  • Blood Drive by Alexander Fish
The plays will be at the Squeezebox Theatre, 1519 Oak Street, at 7:00pm. Tickets are $20, $35 for two nights.